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Legend-Of-Yuki's Profile Picture
Tristan Kelly
United States
I am a Beginner Artist My art teacher in 11th grad (I am in 12th now) Told me I have my own style and that I should stick to it.

Well You should learn more about me I am an avid anime watcher one of my favorite anime are durarara!!
I am a pretty good cook
and I love to read manga.


  • Listening to: NateWantsToBattle Naruto - Go!! (English Cover)
  • Reading: Not Simple (its a manga)
  • Watching: Durarara!! s2 & Genshiken
  • Playing: Leauge of legends
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: cereal milk
 1. Real name: Tristan Kelly
2. Nickname: Tk
3. Favorite color(s): Purple, Orange, Black
4. Male or female: Male
5. Elementary school: Tendoy
6. Middle school: Franklin then Irving
7. High school: Pocatello high/Century/New Horizion
8. College: ISU
9.Hair color: (atm) Redish in the sun
10. Tall or short:  Tall
11. Sweats or jeans: Jeans
12. Phone or camera: Phone, with camera is that cheating?
13. Health freak: I shower 2 times a day but Other then that No
14. Orange or apple: Orange
15. Do you have a crush on someone: Yep
16. Guy friends or girl friends: Both, Sargon, Mightypie, goofy, Bebrux Insert name (but Only naming Ones on Skype since this is never going on Facebook)
17. Piercings: No!!!, but I want a nose Ring and 2 piercings in both ears
18. Pepsi or coke: Does not matter if it has caffien in it and is Soda I will drink it (I hate DR Pepper)
19. Have you been in an airplane: No, but Will be on one in August
20. Have you been in a relationship: Nope
21. Have you been in a car accident: Does backing up slowly into a street light count??
22. Have you been in a fist fight: Does fighting with brothers count? if so then yes.
23. First piercing: Not had one yet.
24.Best Friend: Sargon
25. First award: 2nd grade for best attendance
27. First word: Ball or MOM IDK how am I suppose to listen.
28. Any talent: Singing and Making amv's
29. Last person you talked to: Mom
30. Last person you texted: (I am counting Skype) PieBoy
31. Last person you watched a movie with: My Younger Brother (Inside Out. Great Movie)
32. Last thing you ate: Reece's Peanut butter cup
33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: Code Geass
34. Last song you listened to:  What you own (from the musical: Rent)
35. Last thing you bought: A Pizza
36. Last person you hugged: My Mom
37. Food: Coco Puffs
38. Drink: Coffe
39. Bottoms: Boxers (as of doing this but normally shorts)
40. Flower: Roses
41. Animal: Penguin
42. Color: Purple
43. Movie: Rent: The Musical
44. Subject: Math

Have you ever? (Put an X in the brackets if yes.)
45. [x] fallen in love with someone
46. [x] celebrated Halloween
47. [x] Had your heart broken
48. [] went over the minutes/ texts on your phone
49. [x] had someone like you
50. [x] hated the way someone changed
51. [] got pg
52. [] had an abortion
53. [x] did something you regret
54. [x] broken a promise
55. [x] hid a secret
56. [x] pretend to be happy
57. [x] met someone who has changed to your life
58. [x] pretended to be sick
59. [] left the country
60. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
61. [x] cried over the silliest thing
62. [x] ran a mile
63. [] gone to the beach with your best friend
64. [x] gotten into an argument with your friends
65. [x] disliked someone
66. [x] stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever

67. Eating: Candy
68. Drinking: Coffe
69. Listening to: Rent - What you own
70. Sitting or laying: Sitting
71. Plans for today: School then Looking at the house I am moving into.
72. Waiting for: My shorts to be Dry
73. Want kids: Yes IDK how many though
74. Want to get married: Not really
75. Want to travel: Yes to Japan or England or both

What do you look for in a partner?
76. Lips or eyes: Eyes
77. Shorter or taller: Does not matter
78. Younger or older: NO more then 4 years younger or Older
79. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
80. Trouble-maker or hesitant: A little bit of both
81. Hook up or relationship: Definitely a Relationship
82. Looks or personality: Both but mostly Personality

Have you ever:
83. Lost glasses: Yes
84. Snuck out of the house: Yes (well No not really)
85. Held a gun/ knife in self defense: Nope
86. Killed somebody: Nope (wait does call of duty Count
87. Broke someone's heart: Yes (Turned this girl down That could have been my first date)
88. Been in love: NO Well IDK
89. Cried when someone dies: FUCK YES!!!

Do you believe in:
90. Yourself: Most of the time
91. Miracles: sometimes
92. Love at first sight: Not Until it happens
93. Heaven: I guess (IDK I though you just rotted and then ur bones became nutriants for the ground you are on.
94. Santa clause: Yes godamit Even though I know its my parents Who do the wrapping I still Do not know who does my stockings.
95. Aliens: Yees I blame Anime
96. Ghosts/ angels: Yes I also blame Anime

97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now: This Dude I know Named Kody
98. Do you know who your real friends are: Yes I do Kody, Sargon, Mightypie, My school group I have to work with.
99. Do you believe in God: NO not really but I believe that there is a higher being but not that it is him.
100. Post as 100 Truths: Yes it does Have 100 Truths


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